Essential Bridal Accessories For Your Wedding Day Ensemble

Beautiful gentle arrangement of lace silver high heels and bridal accessories for wedding.

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event where every detail counts, from the dress to the décor and, importantly, the bridal accessories. While the dress is the focal point, your bridal accessories not only complete your look but also offer a wonderful opportunity to express your personal style. Here’s a guide to choosing the essential accessories that will enhance your wedding day look and make it uniquely yours.

Jewellery: The Sparkling Touch

Bride wearing jewelry

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Jewellery is one of the most personal elements of any bridal outfit, besides your ring of course. Whether you prefer a classic, modern, or vintage style, selecting the right pieces can elevate your look. Consider a diamond or pearl necklace that complements the neckline of your dress. For a strapless gown, a choker or short necklace creates balance, while a V-neckline is beautifully enhanced by a pendant or layered chains.

Earrings should match the embellishments on your dress and other jewelry. If your gown features intricate beadwork, opt for simple studs. Alternatively, if your dress is understated, you might choose chandelier earrings to add a touch of glamour. Remember, the key is balance; your jewelry should enhance, not overpower, your overall look. Delicate bracelets or bold wrists cuffs can also offset dramatic necklines, sleeves, and dress volume.  Don’t forget to also consider how will you style your hair, as different hairstyles can help accentuate your jewellery.

Veil: A Nod to Tradition

wedding veils

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The veil remains a quintessential bridal accessory that bridges tradition with personal style. The length and style of the veil can dramatically affect your appearance. A cathedral-length veil, for example, adds a touch of drama and formality, suitable for a classic church wedding. For a more relaxed or outdoor ceremony, a shorter, playful veil like a birdcage or a ballet-length might be perfect.

When selecting a veil, consider how it complements both your hairstyle and your dress’s detailing. Veils with lace or embroidery can add texture to a simpler gown, whereas a plain tulle veil suits a highly detailed dress.

Hairpiece: Graceful Elegance

bride wearing headpiece

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Hairpieces, from floral crowns to bejwelled barrettes, to crystal tiaras, can be a focal point of your bridal look. Choose a piece that matches the style of your dress and the theme of your wedding. A delicate flower crown could be ideal for a garden wedding, while a bejeweled tiara works well for a formal, glamorous event.

Consider your wedding hairstyle before choosing a hairpiece. For instance, hair combs and pins hold better in updos, while headbands can be versatile for any style, whether your hair is down, braided, or up. If you’re choosing flowers, consider flowers that won’t wilt easily over the day; Spray roses, freesia, wax flower, strawflower, eryngium, gypsophila, hypericum, and lavender are excellent choices for flower crowns, thanks to their durability outside of water and robust stems that are easy to manipulate.

Shoes: From Stylish to Comfortable

collage of wedding shoes

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Shoes are a vital accessory that can combine comfort and style. Your shoes should match the style and length of your dress; for example, ornate shoes might peek out from under a shorter dress, while a longer gown may hide your shoes all together. Also consider the terrain of your wedding venue, the weather, and your shoe material, Leather shoes often offer more stretch and mold to your feet, providing better comfort, durability and protection from the elements. Satin and silk are popular for their aesthetic appeal but might require more care to keep clean.

Your shoes are a great opportunity to add a personal touch, like a pop of color, or having your wedding date stitched into the lining or marked on the sole.

If you’re planning for a long day, consider having two pairs: one for the ceremony and another comfortable pair for dancing at the reception. You can even consider a third pair, something cute or dramatic to make a statement for the photos. Lace & Favour has been around since 2002 and carries a gorgeous selection of wedding shoes to choose from.

Don’t forget to break in your shoes before the big day to avoid any discomfort.  Wear them around the house with a pair of socks to gently stretch the material and prevent any pain on your big day.

Bouquet: More Than Just Flowers

bride holding flower bouquet

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Your bouquet is an accessory that you get to design entirely. It should complement your overall theme and the colors of your wedding, but it can also reflect your personal style and what is important to you. You can  can tie your bouquet with a significant item or material such as a personalized handkerchief, a small photo locket pinned to the bouquet, a loved one’s tie or scarf, a pet’s collar, or even a newspaper from an important date

Maybe a good way to add your something borrowed and blue!?

Nails: The Finishing Touch

bride with nails done

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Your nails are perhaps the smallest detail, but they can make a significant impact, especially when you’re showing off your new wedding ring. Choose a nail design that complements your overall look. Soft pastels or a classic French manicure are always winning looks that work beautifully, but don’t be afraid to add a bit of sparkle, a bold colour, or artwork for a more personal touch. Long, short, almond, coffin, gel, or press-on, the options are endless for length, color, shape, and budget, have fun with it!

Each of these accessories offers a unique opportunity to showcase your personal style on your wedding day. By choosing pieces that reflect your personality and complement your ensemble, you’ll not only look stunning but also feel wonderfully confident andunique as you walk down the aisle.