What Shanni Saw

This morning I’m happy to show you a few images from a wonderful sponsor of ours, What Shanni Saw. Shanni is a California girl based out of San Jose and is passionate about bringing joy and excitement to all of her creative work…

It is no secret that I like to have fun, am madly in love with my puppy Buster Bluth, and consume more Diet Coke than most small towns.  I have been blessed beyond all belief to have found love and embark upon the lifetime journey of marriage with my other half.  Weddings are the one of the most happy and glorious events that happen in life, and my husband and I strive to immortalize the laughter, the happy tears, the glory, and of course the dancing (there are frequently contests on my blog to guess which song I’m dancing to… it’s quite ridiculous to be honest!).

I feel wedding photography should capture the moments just as much as the portraits- the tuck of the hair, the wipe of a tear, the gasp of a breath, the exhaling of a giggle.  I feel blessed every day the sun shines in California and strive to fill my portraits with light and love.

What Shanni Saw1


What Shanni Saw2

What Shanni Saw3

What Shanni Saw4

What Shanni Saw5

What Shanni Saw6


What Shanni Saw7

Shanni is located in the Bay Area, but frequently shoots in the wine country and travels for destination weddings. Mention this post when you book and receive a special destination wedding offer. To see more of her lovely images, check out her site and blog!