Ethically-Sourced Ruby Engagement Rings from Ingle & Rhode

Customarily, engagements are sealed with a kiss and a sparkling new diamond, but that promise doesn’t always have to be made with a design of that same tradition. When UK brand Ingle & Rhode asked us to peek at their ruby engagement rings, we were definitely intrigued given the increase in popularity of rubies.   

The fiery notes of the ruby really come to the forefront when contrasted with diamonds. Rubies come in various shades, from blackish red to pale, and almost a translucent pink tone. However, we learned that stones at the lighter end of the color spectrum are often classified as pink sapphires rather than rubies. 

Like diamonds, rubies are available in different cuts, from round and oval to pear and cushion cuts – making them a very versatile gemstone. Coming from the Latin word ‘ruber’ meaning ‘red’, they are the most precious of colored gemstones, and are extremely durable, ranking just behind diamonds at 9.0 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

Take note of the sourcing of the stone

Just like diamonds, it’s important to know where your stone came from. 

Founder Tim Ingle and co-founder David Rhode created Ingle & Rhode in 2007, after noticing a gap in the market when it came to ethical fine jewelry, and after David’s personal struggle to find a diamond engagement ring that was conflict-free. A London-based jeweler (their showroom is conveniently based near Bond Street), all of their rings are ethically sourced, and made in the UK by master craftsmen and women. 

When you purchase one of their ethically-sourced and conflict-free engagement rings, you will ensure that your ring is sustainable and traceable. Ingle & Rhode’s ethical sourcing practices apply to not only rubies (which are conflict-free and fully traceable back to mine of origin), but also their diamonds. While rubies are mined all over the world, including Russia, Australia, India, Thailand, and the US, Ingle & Rhode only use untreated rubies from Mozambique, as these mines provide traceable gemstones. 

Furthermore, they pride themselves on their metals being made only from Fairtrade gold or recycled platinum, which provides small-scale miners and their communities with the opportunity for better living and working conditions.

Unique Ruby Engagement Rings

Ingle & Rhode offer a selection of bespoke ruby engagement rings, to make finding the perfect engagement ring a truly special experience. These are some of our favorite ruby engagement rings from the team at Ingle & Rhode. 

1. Four-Claw Twist Ruby Ring in Yellow Gold: Starting with an understated yet elegant style, this delightful 18ct yellow gold engagement ring is set with a 0.6ct round cut ruby, in a four-claw twist setting. This is the perfect engagement ring if you are looking for a simple vintage-style ring, with the round ruby being at the heart of this creation, and no other stone present.

2. Diamond & Ruby Trilogy Ring: We absolutely love this diamond and ruby 18ct yellow gold trilogy ring. Set with a 0.70ct round brilliant cut diamond and matching pear cut rubies, the two gemstones are perfectly balanced next to each other, with the two pear-cut rubies embracing the round cut diamond; making this engagement ring incredibly elegant and dainty.

3. Ruby & Diamond Ring: This exquisite platinum ring is set with a 1.50ct cushion cut ruby. Small diamonds are cutdown set into the halo and shoulders. This ring is the perfect combination of an eternity-style ring made of diamonds, with a more generous cushion cut ruby at its heart. It is absolutely stunning and will not fail to attract many compliments!

4. Ruby & Diamond Cluster Ring: Undoubtedly eye-catching, this stunning ruby and diamond platinum cluster ring is set with a 2.10ct oval ruby and is surrounded by small diamonds. It has a charming vintage style, with the oval ruby taking center stage, yet remains modern being made of platinum, with the cluster of small round diamonds around the ruby.

5. Diamond & Ruby Ribbon Ring: Last but definitely not least, this unique 18ct white gold engagement ring is exquisite. Set with fifteen square cut rubies, and twenty-five small diamonds, the ribbon style is both modern and delicate, between the square cut rubies and round diamonds, and truly showcases the depth of color of the fiery ruby stone. 

All of the aforementioned ruby engagement rings are bespoke, which means that they were created specifically for individual clients, catering to their exact needs. Ingle & Rhode’s bespoke experience is a real treat, in a relaxed environment, which they endeavor to make accessible for all.

Their expert team will work to your budget, whether it is modest or generous; they will never compromise on quality and on their ethical values – their bespoke engagement rings are always fully traceable, and made in the UK by master craftsmen and women. Reach out to their team to customize a unique and special piece.