What Shanni Saw

Today Im excited to share some images from one of our lovely sponsors here at Once Wed. Shanni, of What Shanni Saw, is a California girl based out of San Jose and is passionate about bringing joy and excitement to all of her creative work…

I have an undying love for oversized towels, Fun Dip Sticks, laughter, my puppy dog, cleaning products, photography, my husband, the sunshine, making new friends, and Diet Coke (although not necessarily in that order!).  There is nothing that brings me greater joy than love.  Cliche as it may be, I truly love love.

My clients typically crack up at the number of times I utter “delicious” and “yummy” while photographing their story.  Love has captivated me personally and I aspire to immortalize it by creating alluring photographs.  My work is authentic, joyful, fresh, vibrant, and oozing with love and laughter.  I adore fabulous people, intoxicating passion, dance parties, and being part of one of the best days of peoples lives.  I am located in the wonderful state of California, but I have stamps in my passport as evidence that I love to shoot weddings wherever love leads me.

What Shanni Saw1

What Shanni Saw2

What Shanni Saw3

What Shanni Saw4

You can check out my website or blog to see more of my work!