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There are a few key elements to planning a wedding that you will literally remember for a lifetime. When you are in a crunch for time, don’t stress and agonize over the teeny, tiny little details that you may not remember anyways, just focus on the things that do matter and that you will be sure to remember. First being your honeymoon, second being your photos, and third being your wedding ring. Lucky for you, we are here to help you make a few educated decisions regarding these three elements with our sponsors for the day!

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Honeymoon registries are a popular new way to turn a dream trip into a reality. It’s similar to a traditional wedding registry; however guests purchase fun activities for you to enjoy during your honeymoon. It’s the perfect alternative for couples who have lived on their own and have many of the household items needed to start a new home together. Instead of another toaster, couples can opt to have the experiences associated with their dream honeymoon! In addition to the honeymoon registry, they provide free honeymoon planning tools, which contain valuable and helpful content, to help make your dream honeymoon possible. So go ahead, dream a little! Check out Honeymoon Pixie here or find them around the web: facebook, twitter, pinterest.

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A former NYC fashion designer, Twah Dougherty of Style.Art.Life loves to use her fashion-editorial perspective to document the emotions that unfold during a wedding event. She has an ability to retell the day’s story by capturing even the smallest moments and turning them into beautiful images to cherish for a lifetime. Twah loves to be involved with her clients from beginning to end, acting as a sounding board and always available to give style advice. By the end of the journey, having Twah shoot your day will feel more like a friend documenting those special moments. Find her online here and here. And good news for you! Style Art is offering a free wedding photography contest for engaged couples with a unique wedding concept or story to tell.

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Looking for a wedding band to last through the ages? Look no more than Tungsten World. Specializing in durable men’s wedding bands, Tungsten World has quickly become synonymous with high quality tungsten wedding bands and the best in alternative metals like cobalt chrome and two-tone black ceramic and tungsten bands. Boasting a wide selection of designer-quality wedding bands for both men and women, the customer service experts at Tungsten World assist customers with the process of buying their ideal wedding band from start to finish and beyond via their industry-best policies and warranties. Click here to see their wedding bands and get that ring that will last you a lifetime!