Wedding Websites Made Easy with Squarespace


Using a well-designed wedding website will make certain aspects of planning that much simpler–we promise. There are many different platforms available, and to help you navigate the options, we asked real couples to weigh in on their wedding website of choice: Squarespace.


When looking for a referral of any kind, the first question is always going to be: “Why did you choose that?” Ashley and Daniel told us that they chose Squarespace for a few reasons, namely, that they were also referred to the platform: “My brother and sister-in-law used it for their wedding and we absolutely loved it. She is a graphic designer, and we were so excited to find out it was a template we could use too and not something custom-created by her. It looks so good – like we paid someone to create it especially for us. Since it’s actually a platform for business sites, it looks super professional. It’s so easy to create on our end, and easy to use on our guests’ end.”

So what is it that sets Squarespace’s customizable wedding site templates apart from others? Bride Amanda said, “The biggest different for me has been the template selection and ability to customize everything to our taste. Most wedding websites have a very “wedding” feel to them–lots of frills, pastels, and outdated design. We LOVE that Squarespace gave us the ability to create a website that is modern, beautiful, functional, and completely us.”

A wedding website will help you collect RSVPs in an organized manner, distribute information to your guests without any inquisitive phone calls from your distant relations, and will also save you money on your stationery costs, eliminating the need for RSVP cards (and postage), details cards, and printed maps. “We have had such great reactions to our Squarespace site! People love how it looks and how easy it is to use. Everything they need is right there–hotel, what to do when they’re here, welcome BBQ details, wedding day transportation options, and so on.”

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