Wedding Dress Rental vs. PreOwned Purchase

If you are considering renting a wedding dress to save money, consider buying a preowned wedding dress instead. Buying preowned can actually be less expensive than renting (it’s true!) And there are many other benefits as well.

Wedding Dress Rental
Wedding dress rentals typically range from $200 – $2,000. Gowns are often only delivered 1-5 days before the wedding, and usually must be returned 1 day after. A damage deposit of $200+ may also be required.

Additionally, wedding dress rental stock is limited, only minimal alterations are allowed, and the gown may have already been worn multiple times.

Buying a PreOwned Wedding Dress
PreOwned wedding dresses start as low as $100. (In fact, has nearly 20,000 wedding dresses for sale under $2,000).

If you buy your wedding dress, not only will you have a larger selection of gowns to choose from, you will not have any time restrictions, and can alter it for a perfect fit.

And, shudder the thought, but if your groom’s crazy college roommate accidentally spills red wine on your dress, you will not face additional fees.


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