7 tips to help you find your wedding dress style

7 Tips to Help You Find Your Wedding Dress Style

After the proposal, the biggest question on every bride’s mind seems to be “What will I wear?”  With more and more fashion designers offering bridal collections every season, the options seem endless.  Is your style classic or fashion forward?  Big and dramatic or sleek and sophisticated?

7 tips to help you find your wedding dress style

Not sure what you’re looking for in a wedding dress?  Here are 7 tips to help you find your wedding-day look:

1. Book the hall first.
Pick your wedding date and book a venue before you start shopping for a wedding gown.  Where and when your wedding will be held will dictate the overall style and theme of your wedding.  For example, the gown you would wear in a ballroom with a guest list of 300 is not what you would wear on a beach for an intimate ceremony.

2.  Pin away.
Start browsing the websites of your favorite wedding magazines and blogs.  Most of them will have galleries of all the latest designer collections, usually categorized by price points and searchable by silhouette, neckline, sleeve-length and several other design details.  See what catches your eye and start a Pinterest board that you can share at your wedding dress shopping appointments.  You may also want to bring an iPad or tablet with you to make it easy to share.

3.  Study your closet.
Think about what your favorite outfits are.  Why are they your favorites?  Because of the cut, the detailing, or how you felt when wearing them?  You want to stay true to your own personal style when choosing a wedding gown, so have a good understanding of what works for you.

4.  Consider your complete wedding day look.
How will you accessorize your wedding gown ?  It sounds silly to think of jewelry and accessories before the dress, but you may have an heirloom piece or something on-trend that has caught your eye that you know you want to incorporate into your wedding-day look.  If you know you want to be married in Grandma’s diamond necklace or your mother’s embroidered lace veil, bring them with you to see which gowns they will go best with.

5.  Be open minded.
As much as you need to understand your own style and what feels best on you, you also need to trust your consultant.  Their job is to have a sixth sense of what styles work best on each bride.  If they recommend something out of your comfort zone, give it a try you may be pleasantly surprised!  However, never let a salesperson make you feel uncomfortable, you always have the right to say no thank you.

6.  Don’t be too trendy.
Choose a gown because you love it and it looks good on you, not because it’s the latest trend and no one has anything else like it.  Being fashionable is good, being too trendy can look silly, especially if that’s not part of your day-to-day style.

7.  Don’t be afraid of color.
Adding a touch of color to your wedding gown can be a great way to show off your individual style.  Go bold with a colorful sash or opt for a rose gold, blush or platinum shade instead of traditional white.  For a subtle touch of color, try on a wedding dress with sheer fabrications that’s layered in different pale-colored shades to add depth and texture.

Your wedding day is about looking and feeling your most beautiful. It’s about expressing your style, not being someone you aren’t. Start to find your inspiration with our editor’s dress picks here.


Photo: courtesy of Lili Hod