Vintage Wedding Veils

For thousands of years, the wedding veil has been noted as one of the definitive symbols of weddings. Its name derived from the meaning to obscure, shroud, mask, or cover was thought to ward off evil spirits and protect Roman brides as the walked toward their betrothed. During the 1800s, in England, the veil became synonymous with purity, chastity, and virtue for brides. Today, we wear the veil not only to enhance our wedding gown, but also as a symbolic way to hide the bride’s features from the groom until he’s permitted to see her.

Regardless of the emblematic interpretation, a wedding veil can add that certain je ne sais quoi and extra femininity to your gown. If you’re bride who values heirlooms and desire a perennial look, an antique veil may be just what you’re looking for. Antique veils have an ageless air about them and really tend to invoke romantic nostalgia for another time. And with the introduction of shows like Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs, we’re really beginning to see the trend of these timeless veils progress.  If you’ve seen Lady Mary sweep the stairs in her cathedral-length veil, you know what I’m referring too. It really just makes you want to swoon.

But, finding these gorgeous veils can be a bit of chore-especially with the launch of historic shows like Downton Abbey. So, today we’re bringing you a few places where you may be able to find these elusive and eternal pieces.

1). Cheryl Taylor of Taylor Clarke Bridals is an amazing resource and seamstress to boot. Her knowledge and plethora of antique lace is enough to make you gape-mouthed. She is perfect as she acquaints herself with your gown to determine which veil would best suit you, your face shape, and your style.  If you’re lucky, she’ll even draw you a sketch.

2). Etsy, another great reference, is perfect for those who want the freedom to search on their own and still have the knowledge of shop owners to guide them a bit.

3). Ebay. For the more adventurous and those who prefer to be a bit more hands on. There are variety of veils ranging from the 19th century to the 1930s and up that will suit your needs and taste.  Just be sure to do your research and ask questions.

Wherever you purchase your antique veil, you’ll be a show stopping sensation. And you can be sure you’ll have a look that will withstand the ages.

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Photography: Rylee Hitchner // Styling: Joy Thigpen // Hair + makeup: Amanda Paige  // Vintage Veil: Cheryl Taylor of Taylor Clarke Bridals // LongVeil: The Bride Room  // Dress: Temperley London // Location: Callanwolde // Article written by: Katie Decker