Valued Advice for Your Vow Renewal Ceremony

vow renewal ideas
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When you have decided to renew your vows in vow renewal ceremony, you may have many questions about what is appropriate.

While there is no formal etiquette that you must follow, as every vow renewal ceremony will be unique in and of itself, just as the two wonderful people who have decided to re-profess their love for one another in front of their friends and family.

There is some advice available from experts who have a little bit of insight into how to make this exciting event even more memorable. One distinctive recommendation, which comes from the respected Father Ken is to take the time to write your own vows. This seemingly small detail can be mistakenly overlooked, however when this suggestion is taken to heart by the happy couple, the results tend to be amazing. As a couple choosing to engage in a vow renewal ceremony, chances are pretty good that you have some history together as a married duo. Your intricate knowledge of each other combined with your mutual feelings of love and admiration are the foundation for a very special expression of emotions unlike standard wedding vows.

Another common question we hear from the couple embarking on the planning of their vow renewal ceremony is where should they have the event. While there is no right or wrong place to host your special day, experts agree that choosing a place that is special to both of you is one option you may want to consider. Some couples decide to return to the original venue for sentimental reasons. Others may opt to hold their vow renewal ceremony right in their house. The home you two built together over the years holds many memories for you as a couple, as well as for  your wedding guests, who will probably find it a familiar, happy place – perfect for your re-dedication of your love for one another.

When you are planning your vow renewal ceremony, please do not hesitate to contact us for help. We are here to make your wedding day as special as the two people who are renewing their love for one another.

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