Unique Elopement in Spain

Elopements have this unique ability to allow a couple to shake off the reigns of tradition and do whatever suits them best. In this case, we love how the couple combined their elopement with their honeymoon, travelling through Spain without any particular plans, and enjoying it all the way.

Read on for more from the bride: 
“Bradley spent a big period of time abroad when he was right out of college. Spain held a special place in his heart so when we started hunting for a get away spot it was top of the list. We stumbled across Los Pozos de la Nieve which is in a small town an hour outside of Seville, in the hills of Andalusia.

Los Pozos is in the heart of wine and olive oil country, resting between olive groves and crumbling walls where sheep and horses and the black pigs run free. There was something so ancient and calming in the air when we drove. Good food and wine wasn’t hard to find (except that the restaurants seemed to only be open when they felt like it). It was so rejuvenating and important to start our lives together in a place where the sounds of the earth under our feet and the wind through the olive trees were the only thing to hear.

We did take a city day to explore Seville and to see the famous Alcazar and it’s stunning Moorish influenced architecture and gardens. We stumbled upon some great coffee and once our senses were overloaded by the bustle of the city we retreated back to our country oasis.”

Photography: Meghan Kay Sadler