Traveler’s Joy

Travlers Joy1

Ohhhh, I’ve got the traveling bug right now! And I just have to say that I’m extremely jealous of all you brides who are planning your honeymoon right now…But before you plan too much, make sure you check out our sponsor Traveler’s Joy — the best honeymoon registry site in all the lands. Ever heard of honeymoon registration?? Let me fill you in.

With Traveler’s Joy, you get the creative opportunity to use your wedding gifts towards the trip of a lifetime and your guests receive the gift of giving towards memories that will last a lifetime. What’s better than that?? Not only is their registry site incredibly easy to navigate and use, but their Instant Registry feature allows couple’s to complete their registry in just minutes! When setting up your gift inventory you can choose from a list of pre-made theme based (think beach, cruise, mountains) or location specific (think Italy, St. Lucia) registries. With one click you can instantly add items and experiences to your registry specific to the theme or destination.

This isn’t to mention that now you can register for physical items like travel guidebooks, cameras, video, cameras, luggage, snorkeling gear, and even newlywed flip flops. Their registry system makes it really easy to divide the cost of expensive items into manageable gift pieces so a camera that may cost $500 is actually spit up into 4 gift of $125. Dream vacation, set.

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