Tito + Shomari | Kenneth Pool Wedding from Bryan Glen

Beauty, blessings and a bridal party twenty people strong…Tito + Shomari’s wedding was a sparkling and vibrant event complete with a modern Nigerian reception for all 500 of their guests! I love how this couple combined the bride’s Nigerian customs and the groom’s Caribbean heritage by including a traditional Nigerian Thanksgiving Ceremony as well as giving traditional Jamaican rum cakes as party favors. And how about Tito’s gown called Anastasia!? Truly, Amsale Aberra said it best: “Ultimate Femininity combined with Kenneth Pool’s signature brand of sexy, opulent, unapologetic glamor.” Bravo!

Tito + Shomari | August 4, 2012 | A La Carte Pavilion, Tampa, Florida

The Ceremony
Our ceremony included several personal touches, and included a candle lighting ceremony, a rose presentation to our mothers, personal written vows, and lastly a traditional Nigerian “Thanksgiving Ceremony”. The Thanksgiving Ceremony is when guests dance up to where the bride and groom are seated and place money in a basket; and all the money was donated to a charity called “International Justice Mission”.  We had a large bridal party consisting of 20 of our best friends.

The Reception
We had a modern Nigerian reception. The guest count was approximately 500 people, with several friends and family who attended from Nigeria. The groom’s family is of Caribbean descent, and in addition to Nigerian customs we had a traditional Jamaican Rum cake, which was offered to friends and family as our favors. The affair was very colorful, and people danced to a mix of current music and traditional Nigerian music. As the music was played, the bride and groom and their family members were gifted with money as they danced, which is seen as a blessing in Yoruba Nigerian culture.

Tito’s Dress Search
I went to a few different dress stores, one in Tampa and two in NYC. The second place I went, I said yes to the dress…but I had another appointment at Amsale and my mother -in-law thought it couldn’t hurt to check it out before making a decision. When I went to Amsale, everything fit and I could see myself in all of her gowns. I really wanted a mermaid style gown with a jeweled bodice and intricate skirt, but wasn’t finding what I wanted. So, I ended up trying on the Anastasia gown in Amsale’s Kenneth Pool Collection, which was a ball gown and not originally what I thought I wanted. I knew it was the right dress when I didn’t want to take it off

How Tito Felt in Her Wedding Dress
Beautiful, Regal, Showstopper

Why Tito Decided to Sell Her Wedding Dress
I loved my wedding gown, but I realize it’s a dress I can only wear once and someone else should be able to feel as lovely as I did.

Wedding Dress: Kenneth Pool | Photographer: Bryan Glen  | Wedding Planner: Tammy Waterman of Special Moments Designs | Ceremony + Reception Venue: A La Carte Pavilion | Floral Design: A La Carte Pavilion | Cake: A La Carte Pavilion | Amsale Aberra Quote: From KennethPool.com Amsale Aberra Biography