Tips for Creating a Wedding Color Scheme


When it comes to creating a color scheme for your wedding it can be challenging to know where to start. There is so much inspiration and so many beautiful color palettes available to us that a Pinterest board can quickly become a hot mess of ideas, rather than a thoughtfully curated representation of yourself and your partner. So how do you go about selecting the right colors for your wedding? mStarr Event Design creative director Emily Starr Alfano was kind enough to share her top tips with us.

Be open to ideas

When creating a proposal for a client, we spend some time learning about their tastes and getting to know them better. We look at their Pinterest board and talk about the colors they’re currently leaning towards. We then build upon these ideas to suggest a color palette which becomes our starting point. We tell clients to think of this palette as a general guide in terms of shades and tones but not to assume that every single detail has to fall within it! This palette will evolve over time.

Look to your venue

Naturally your venue can dictate so much about how your wedding comes together, from the level of design to the materials being used. Take cues from it when looking for your colors. If you’re drawn to some coastal elements and colors but are getting married in a country barn, it’s our job to find a way to incorporate these influences appropriately.

Ask yourself these questions

Whether determining your color scheme or general design vision, it can be helpful to ask yourself a couple of key questions.

1. What colors or styles are you consistently drawn to in your everyday life?
Your wedding should be timeless. You can certainly incorporate some “trendy” ideas but you’ll be looking at these pictures the rest of your life. Make sure you won’t get sick of them!

2. Are you known as the girl who always wears blue? Is every vacation to a tropical locale?
That says a lot about who you are. Don’t ignore it!

3. Where do you find your inspiration?
It can be from an Anthropologie catalogue, Instagram, or a restaurant you eat lunch at all the time. What is it about these sources that inspire you?


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