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Josh Goleman PhotographyOhhh, it’s one of those days….one of those January days where I wander off to daydreams of soft spring colors and warm afternoons. It’s probably because I’ve been awing over these images that our sponsor, The Wedding Artist Collective, sent over all morning. The wedding, the paper goods, the flowers — there’s so much beauty!

The Wedding Artist Collective is a unique collaboration bringing together some of the finest artists in the wedding industry. It is comprised of photographers Josh Goleman, Tec Petaja, Gary Ashley, Shannen Norman, Scott Clark and Brooke Fitts of Brookelyn Photography, with invitation design by Jennifer and Mary of Ice Cream Social. They also offer services by the amazing film and music making team, Cana Video Production and just took on a floral designer, Ariel Dearie. Although they were founded in New York, The Wedding Artist Collective has expanded to LA with both Scott Clark and Gary Ashley living in Venice, California.

For more information and examples of their work, head over to The Wedding Artist Collective blog or website!

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*photography by Josh Goleman, florals by Ariel Dearie and paper goods by Ice Cream Social.