The Look For Less: The Brunch Reception

One of the biggest structural costs of your wedding will be the food and beverage minimum at your reception venue.  Of course you will be a smart bride and shop around to be sure you find a venue whose size, menu prices and f&b minimum are appropriate for your wedding and budget.  And, yes, you know that if you want to get married on a Tuesday, as opposed to Friday or Saturday, you will be subject to lower venue fees and minimums.  But if you’re planning a Tuesday wedding, will enough guests be available to help you eat and drink that minimum?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

So instead of holding your wedding earlier in the week, why not consider earlier in the day? Most reception venues require a lower spending minimum for events held early enough in the day to allow them to turn the room over for an evening wedding, even during peak wedding season, even on Saturdays!  In addition, a simple and elegant brunch menu, by nature, is lighter than dinner fare and less expensive.

Brunch is one of those meals that feels like a special occasion no matter when you have it!  Let’s be honest, it’s generally a luxury that we reserve for weekends, holidays, vacation and celebrations.  These associations make it a natural fit for your wedding.  And Butler-passed Bloody Mary’s and Mimosa’s will create the feeling of ease for your guests that only daytime drinking can do!

Ainsley Crowell Today’s The Look for Less was written by Ainsley Crowell  of Tricia Huddas & Co.
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