Stylish Center Pieces That Won’t Break the Bank

The Look For Less:

When working on a conservative budget, brides are often shocked at the prices of floral centerpieces.  The fact of the matter is, you are paying not only for the flowers themselves, but also for the artistic ability of your florist to arrange them. While centerpieces can always be pared down and simplified to fit into any budget, the real issue at hand is finding an alternative centerpiece with the height and spread of a large, elaborate floral centerpiece in your price range.

A trend that we really like, and that fits the bill, is using branches instead of flowers (or instead of just flowers).  Branches add the height you need to fill a big event venue without breaking the bank.

Here is an example from a January wedding of ours. The branches are from Pottery Barn and are lightly frosted. They are currently on clearance for $7.99 a branch. The hanging crystals pictured are Swarovski, but there are alternatives available in real crystal, glass and plastic, and they were attached with clear fishing line. The vase was rented from a local florist and, just like that, there was a stunning arrangement. When the simple tea light candles surrounding the centerpiece were lit, and the room was dim, the crystals picked up the candlelight and it was amazing!

The Look for Less: Stylish Centerpieces(photo by DVB Photography)

Here is a lovely (as always) example from Martha Stewart Weddings in which they decorated the branches with paper flowers and birds.

The Look for Less: Stylish Centerpieces

So use your imagination, and you can surely think of a number of adornments for simple branch centerpieces.  Or simply leave them bare.  Check out this how-to video from Real Simple.  The ideas is focused on a holiday display, but by choosing paint colors that fit with your wedding’s color scheme, they would make a very modern and elegant reception centerpiece.

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