The Look for Less: Personal Touches At Your Wedding

Emily Moise | Keely Thorne Events: Every bride wants her wedding to reflect her own style, personality and the love between her and her soon-to-be husband.  Adding personal touches can get extremely expensive if you don’t do it right.

A simple way to make your wedding your own is to think about items that could be used at your wedding and also used again in your new house with your new husband! A Bride tends to like similar things for the wedding that she would in her day to day life.

For example, if you are a zebra print girl, then use a simple zebra rug under the place card table. It would be adorable!

Have a lounge area?  Why not add a rug to it?!? You’re probably going to be buying one for your new home anyways so why not use the same one? Here are some great rugs from Urban Outfitters

Also many lounge furniture rental companies will offer rental pillows.  But why not go out and buy some that will be in your house? Here are some great ones from Urban Outfitters.

Blankets can make for a great outdoor wedding. Here are some from Ikea for only $3.49! Simply roll them up, tie with a ribbon and put a little sign on them. Every new household needs extra blankets!

Have a great piece of art work for your wall or find one you love? Why not incorporate that into your favor station for a little fun?  Or want a cool lamp on your guest sign in table? Well buy one for your house to use! Need a cool vase or basket for well wishes? I am sure there is one out there with a purpose in your new house.

Great places to look for all of these suggestions are antique stores, Hobby Lobby, Pier1,, anthropologie, Pottery Barn, etc.!  There is literally inspiration and stuff to use for your wedding all over your new home!

All of these tips are inspired not only to help save you money, but to also keep reminders all throughout your new home of that special day that you committed your love and lives together!

The Look For Less is a regular feature on our blog.  We’ve reached out to leading wedding planners to get their expert advice on how to get a great look at your wedding, without breaking the bank.

Today’s feature was written by Emily Moise of Keely Thorne Events – a boutique special events firm that plans exquisite weddings and unforgettable social events in Southeast Texas and worldwide.

Emily’s enthusiasm, wit and charm quickly win over her client’s hearts, but it is her creativity, knowledge and exceptional attention to detail that enable them to trust her with their most important events.