The Look for Less: Paper Lanterns

Think about adding additional lighting to your reception for your wedding day!  Even a small amount of lighting can pack a punch and make a big impact on a bare or outdoor space at a modest cost.

If you are able to hang from the ceiling or if you have an outdoor wedding, you might consider paper lanterns (the cheaper alternative to the crystal chandelier).

In an outdoor space, the lanterns will feel like you have created a ceiling and will not only create an amazing glow over your guests tables but also make the space feel more intimate.  In this wedding, we chose paper lanterns that matched the decor for the wedding (ivory and different shades of orange) to enhance the color and when day turned to night, the lighting all took on a glow in different shades of Amber.  A gorgeous compliment to your wedding without a big expenditure!

Alexandra Kolendrianos

The Look For Less
is a regular blog feature.  We’ve reached out to leading wedding planners to get their expert advice on how to get a great look at your wedding, without breaking the bank.

Today’s feature was written by Alexandra Kolendrianos, a Southern California Wedding Planner, who specializes in weddings on both an intimate and grande scale.  Her experience and creative, detail-oriented professional approach provides all of her clients with a joyful process and a priceless and unique dream of a wedding day.

Event photos courtesy of Megan Sorel Photography