The Free Wedding III

The dresses from this wedding ended up being one of my favorites parts of the entire event. I mean how how many weddings have you attended where the bride and her ladies are bursting with so much color and happiness? It just brightens up my day looking at them…

For better or worse, from the beginning, I got it in my head that it would be awesome if she wore a sky blue wedding dress. Kaitlyn was totally down with it and in the end, when we couldn’t find just the right thing, we made it–a la Project Runway. Which was great because that way we got to really incorporate Kaitlyn’s preferences, my vision and the lines of the bridesmaid’s  dresses. I knew I wanted the bridesmaid dresses to be all different colorful floral prints and Kaitlyn is into vintage so when we found Sohomode tea dresses on Etsy it was a perfect fit. She was awesome to work with and I just loved the way they all looked together.






So much more from the sensational, Our Labor of Love, coming up next!