The Five Year Engagement

Five Year Engagement SpHere’s a fun date idea for this weekend! Grab a bite to eat and then head over to check out The Five Year Engagement. The movie follows the story of Tom and Violet and their never-ending engagement and looks like a hilarious take on the joys (errrr…stresses??) of being engaged. I’m sure it will strike a little chord in all of us who’ve ever planned a wedding… ; ) And if it’s anything like Bridesmaids, I’m sure it will be a hit!

Oh and here’s a little bonus. The producers have also created this Tom and Violet’s blog following the story of the characters. What a great way to interact with the characters and bring the movie to real life!

Tom And Violet BlogSo here’s what you need to do: make reservations at your favorite little dinner spot for April 27th, buy your tickets for movie and then hit the theater to let the comedy unfold with The Five Year Engagement

Oh! And watch the trailer below!