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One of our favorite aesthetics for wedding stationery is one that is an artful approach to paper – an effortless blend of minimalist sensibilities with lush romanticism.  When we received this beautiful shoot from the creator of Idyll, we asked her to describe the inspiration behind this beautifully crafted line:

I work with a delicate, earthy color palette and a sense of simplicity. My collection is inspired by the natural world, organic textures and delicate lines. The use of unique handmade papers, ultra-soft cotton cardstocks, luxury print options like letterpress and foil (and a thousand other things) make it possible for my clients to make the designs their own.  I blend these high end materials with a mix of modern type, delicate artwork and calligraphy for unique finishes.

Paper Tara Spencer creator of Idyll Paper | Photography Erich McVey | Stylist/Planner Ginny Au | Floral Designer Ponderosa & Thyme