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Swedish Lakeside Wedding Venue
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The ceremony was held at Emelie’s dad’s summer house (literally in the middle of nowhere) outside a small town called Töcksfors, close to the Norwegian border. Very typical Swedish scenery with the forrest and the lake. It had been raining all morning but only just before the guests arrived it suddenly stopped and when we exchanged the rings the sun came out!! From there one it was pure magic. We live in Sydney and were lucky enough to have our best friends from here, our friends and family from Sweden plus a few friends from other parts of the world all manage to come which made it really special.


We did most things ourselves. Emelie and I decorated the reception area and hung the lights and lanterns etc, we did all the tables, friends helped us to pick the flowers and to decorate, my aunt and cousin baked the cakes, a friends band played, we did the playlist with help from all guests, the local florist did Emelie’s and her bridesmaids flowers, the neighbour did Emelie’s hair (luckily she’s a hairdresser), Emelie’s mum and dad help with the big sign etc… It really was a DIY wedding with all the help we could wish for from our friends and family. Which is exactly what we wanted it to be cause it made it feel like it was ours and it was an awesome week leading up to the wedding getting everything organised. Which, I will admit, was quite hectic living in Sydney and not being able to do anything until the very end.

Emelie’s Dress: Carla Zampatti // Emelie’s Shoes: Bottega Veneta // Johan’s suit, shirt, bow tie: MJ Bale // Johan’s shoes: Mr Hare // Catering: Vogt’s Restaurant & Catering // Hair: Veronica’s Hair // Amazing Photography: Jonas Peterson