Swedish Garden Wedding

Swedish Lakeside Wedding
What could I possibly say to describe how much I adore the wedding below? I am such a big fan of simple celebrations, so I couldn’t wait to share more of this beautiful Swedish wedding with you today on Once Wed. Elin, the gorgeous bride, was kind enough to send over some tidbits from their lovely celebration…


We knew that we wanted an autumn wedding, with all the colors and the fading beauty. We chose to get married in a park called Trädgårdsföreningen in the city center of our home town Gotheburg, located on the west coast of Sweden. The ceremony was held in a green house that was build in 1878 and it was truly magical with all the exotic flowers and palmtrees, almost like a jungle.  The reception was held in an old wooden house in the garden, used for storing Bay Laurel trees in the winter.


I love the vintage Hollywood look so that’s where I found my inspiration for the day. I didn’t want a veil or a big ballroom dress I wanted it to be timeless and uncomplicated. The groom always wears checked shirts and so he wore that on the wedding day as well, in the good company of a mismatching bow tie and a blueberry blue suit.

Swedish Lakeside Wedding

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We are both very passionate about music and we wanted our wedding to be filled with great music. We both surprised each other by singing a tune as a wedding gift. Elin sang “Hey good looking” by Hank Williams and Christofer sung and played Nick Caves “Into my arms” it was such great fun and we both shed a tear or two.


We wanted our wedding to be both personal, fun and relaxed and we didn’t have a huge budget. But with a little help from our friends and family and a lot of planning, it turned out to be the greatest day ever!

Suit: J.Lindberg

Plaid Bow Tie: Emma & Malena

Photographer: Nico Nuzzaci

Flowers: Nordiska Kompaniet

Wedding favors: Hey YoYo

Musician: Come Quiet