Simple Wedding Inspiration in the Mountains

Imagine a young free-spirited barefoot bride, subtle and shiny, stepping on green grass, delicate braiding in her blonde hair, the hem of her skirt almost breathing on the wind, walking hand-in-hand with her loving fiancé. The breathtaking mountains are in the background, and you feel the atmosphere of that day.

This is the inspiration that photographer (and Once Wed Premium Vendor) Vitaly Ageev took when creating this newlywed portrait shoot in the mountains. While this feature isn’t filled with tons of floral details or decor ideas, we find ourselves inspired by the emotional connection between the couple – their sweet glances, the delicate ways their fingers caress one another – and encourage your wedding photographer to be inspired by the unique ways that you and your fiancé interact.

More from the photographer, Vitaly Ageev:

“The location was the key inspiration of our shoot. The immense mountains and the bunches of magnolia which spread out on the slopes of the hills in soft beds gave the whole crew an amazing sense of freedom.
We focused on exploring the beauty of simplicity. By gathering inspiration from textures found in nature and combining feminine details with raw natural materials, we created a very tactile experience. The pure, airy silk of the dress, hand-made paper with delicate calligraphy, rough warm stones from the hills, fragile petals of snowdrops – these simple elements allowed us to expose natural, effortless aesthetics.
I tend to be emotionally connected to the peolpe I shoot, not only by paying a lot of attention to details, but also be being inspired by the way the couple interacts with each other. During this shoot, I was so happy to film the intimacy of the affectionate couple and did my best to grasp the magic of their interactions with one another and with nature.”

Dreamwood Workshop in Sochi from Videographer Mikhail Nilau on Vimeo.

Photography: Ageev Vitaly | Cinematography:  Mikhail Nilov and Ludmila Nilova of Dream Wood | Planning : Nostra Storia | Dress: Tatyana Kocknova | Calligraphy: Nikolietta | Lingerie: Elly Basko | Venue: Rixos Hotels | Models: Shtorm Models