Shepherd under the hawthorn tree….

Shepherd under the hawthorn tree….

We created a shoot about simplicity, probity and calm, the girl unveiling her natural, relaxed, and unpretentious beauty to a condition of holiness. Her hermitage is deep in the mountains, a life lived true and a celebration of nature – the girl is a living sermon. The book she clutches surely contain the words of wisdom and no doubt the honeysuckle wine is a labour of love. Wildflowers and grasses enliven the brown tones of the stoney hills – the girl with the brown hair is a lapidarian – envisioning her life inscribed in these monuments of mountain and stone.

Sometimes she listens to the silence, she gazes at the falling light on the hills, or a patch of heathered weeds – for her sources of unimaginable happiness. She has no longings to be other than where she is. It is a gift that comes from discovering the joy of connecting with her soul’s purpose. This girl radiates outer simplicity but fulfilling inner plenitude, her life radiates both purity and joy.

She, seduced by the golden light, follows the wind through the fields of barley and wheat, ready to be harvested. She lives imposed in a colour palette of ivory, milk, sage, muted butter, mottled through and through with flowering cosmos and sprigs of blackberries. These tones set off the few treasures that she owns, give depth, and personality. One day she knows the wool she spun or vessel she painstakingly carved will be heirlooms of their own, but for now remain simply true and handmade charms.

This shoot is a unique way of looking at minimalist purity, simple but with an undeniable and enviable balance of charm and warmth.

Every Shepard Tells His Tale Under the Hawthorn Tree from story of eve on Vimeo.


Creative Direction, Production & Design: Pearl & Godiva | PhotographyRylee Hitchner  | Cinematographer: Story of Eve | MUA: Sarah Keary from Dylan Bradshaw | Hair: Michelle O’Halloran | Florals: Hanako Floral Studio | Stationery: Pearl & Godiva | Props sourced by: Pearl & Godiva | Food Styling: Jetti Virdi | Wedding Gowns: Maria Lluisa Rabell | Bespoke Headpiece & Shoes: Opal & Owl | Jewellery: Boho & Plume  | A special thank you to Slea Head Farm Guesthouse