Serene Oceanside Wedding Inspiration

Reminiscing seems to be a common theme when surrounded by nature; recollecting memories of sounds and sights when you first fell in love.  Sometimes it takes complete displacement from your familiar surroundings to remember. Remembering the way it felt as if the world stood still when you locked eyes with the one you love or the over whelming peace as you day dream about your future together.

There is something about the ocean that gave us a piece of serenity. Maybe it’s was the lack of noise or simply just a change of scenery, but we all felt completely at peace as we watched the waves mimic the movement of this stunning Carol Hannah gown and recognized the smell of sweet jasmine lingering in the salty air. This was our moment.

At Amy Osaba Events, we encourage our clients to eliminate as much stress as possible from their planning process so they too can have this moment of stillness as they say their “I do’s”.  It’s hard to break away from the idea of planning the “perfect wedding” and rather encompass the idea of planning the wedding that makes sense for the two of you as a couple. Deciphering what you want to feel on your wedding day is something few consider but we have found this is what leaves the most lasting impression. So take a moment and remember the sounds, the scents or even the textures of the moment you fell in love.

Hair/Makeup: Claudia Mejerle | Gown: Carol Hannah | Photography: Ryan Ray | Flowers: Amy Osaba | Creative Direction: Amy Osaba Events