Serene Grace Kelly Wedding Inspiration from Cathy Telle

For decades, women have idolized Grace Kelly for her beauty, her elegance, and her incredible fashions. Her wedding dress is no exception, and designer Cathy Telle took inspiration from the royal icon for her latest collection.

Read on for more from the designer, Cathy Telle:

“Nowadays, the word “princess” mostly evokes two associations – heroines of Disney cartoons, on which we all grew up, and, of course, wedding ceremonies of British Royal family, on which we kept a close eye. 

But in fact, fairy princesses exist and grace the real world with their beauty and perfect manners. They became the inspiration for our new collection. We have chosen Grace Kelly as a main heroine of our collection. This young and freedom-loving girl became the tenth Princess of Monaco at the beginning of her actress career. Our collection “Grace” named in honor of her. 

We took it upon ourselves to interpret the original Grace’s dress and add a little provocative to it in the form of a translucent bodice, as Grace could not just put away “Hollywood” ambitions only because she become a princess. 

After the collection had been finished, we faced the challenge to find true royal locations for our photoshoot. We decided to travel to the country of Georgia to find perfect locations for our editorial shoot. We were fortunate to work with Georgian photographer Tamara Gigola. She is a wonderful person and a talented photographer who helped us to pick best locations for our project.”

Photography: Tamara Gigola | Flowers: KKfloral | Styling: Valerie Sorokina | Hair & Makeup: Yana Bendeliani | Location: Ikalto Academi Monastry Complex | Photography Assistant: Alexander Kalinin |  Dress: Cathy Telle | Jewelry: Olga Delice | Veil: Holy Veil