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Want to guarantee your wedding guests the best dance party evvvverrrr? Easy! Just make sure you book your entertainment with Scratch Weddings! Scratch Weddings is the leading provider of highly skilled, experienced and affordable marquee-level DJ talent for weddings. Their DJ’s have collaborated with major recording artists like Lady Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas and Michael Jackson and perform at high-profile corporate events, music festivals and the nation’s most respected clubs and lounges. Scratch Weddings offers couples unprecedented choices with the option to choose from a number of DJs paired to each couple  based on their personal style, taste and musical interests.

And thats not all! My favorite feature is that you have online access to DJ bios, photos, videos and music mixes…That way, you can find your perfect DJ match from the very start! So, tap your little feet on over to the Scratch Wedding website, blog or Facebook page to get your wedding beats dropping!

*Photography by Karli Jensen and Gabriel Ryan.