Sarah + Ben | Inbal Dror Real Wedding From Stacey Ambrosio Photography

Sarah and Ben’s modern and pretty wedding will make you smile all day. And Sarah is the perfect example of a bride who rolls with whatever her wedding day brings.  It was so windy during her ceremony that her veil blew off her head and jetted into the sky. (She literally found it a tree the next morning!)  The beautiful show continued (now with a fun and memorable story).  And after they became husband and wife they celebrated with family and friends in a modern and glamorous reception in the Miami Beach Edition ballroom. You definitely won’t want to miss this swoon-worthy affair.

Inbal Dror Real Wedding From Stacey Ambrosio Photography






Sarah’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried on over 20 dresses and finally chose this one because it was the perfect meeting between a sexy, edgy look and the romantic, more classic vibe that my mom had imagined. I also knew that I would always look back on this dress and despite it being en vogue and somewhat edgy, I would forever still be happy with the choice.

How Sarah Felt In Her Inbal Dror Gown
Beautiful, glamorous, and sexy

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I will never wear it again so I hope that it will make another bride feel as beautiful as I felt!


Wedding Dress: Inbal Dror | Photography: Stacey Ambrosio | Venue: The Miami Beach Edition Hotel  | Event Planning: Melissa Davis  | Floral Design: Petal Productions | Cake: The Miami Beach Edition