Samantha + Daniel | Galia Lahav Real Wedding From Clark Lubbs Photography

This Lake Placid wedding will definitely get you in the holiday spirit! Rich color and gorgeous holiday decor were the perfect backdrop to this December wedding.  You can almost feel the holiday spirit adding to the magic of the day.  We love love love Samantha’s sophisticated Galia Lahav gown. A wedding dress should be perfectly suited to the bride, and hers definitely was.

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The Ceremony
We got married in St. Agnes Catholic Church. I was raised Catholic and Dan is a very spiritual guy but non-denominational. We kept the ceremony pretty short with a half mass. Our parents blessed us at the end which was a really nice/emotional touch. The church was absolutely gorgeous, decorated with white holiday lights, and real birch bark trees lined the aisles. Our priest was also amazing, very down to earth guy who was extremely accepting and made it a joyous occasion for all.

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The Reception
The Whiteface Lodge is where my husband and I spent our first New Year’s Eve together in 2010. We remember calling it “Disneyland for adults,” at the time because couldn’t believe all of its amenities. It has a pool that is heated and you can swim outside to a section of it and look at the stars, regardless of the sub-zero weather, a bowling alley, a movie theater, an ice skating rink, a full spa, and the dining accommodations are regal with glamorous cocktails to boot. The place really takes it to the next level. Each room is like it’s own mini lodge, perfect for those looking to hit Whiteface Mountain and snuggle up next to their own fireplace for their apres-ski with libation of choice. It was a great destination wedding venue because all of our guests made mini-vacations out of it and were more than well taken care of by the staff.

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Samantha’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried on about seven dresses. Each one stuck to me like a second skin and man were they all heavy with sequin! I am not the type of girl who will suffer to look good or will feel like they’ve been vacuum sealed in a mermaid suit to show my figure. I value comfort, to the utmost degree, just ask my shoes which consist of flats and anything that gives easily to clumsiness. I even wore flats on my wedding day. I also am not really about the poofy cupcake look. I wanted something that I could be comfortable and easily move in, that was long-sleeved because of the winter weather, had a classic look to it, but unique in design. I love to dance…I can’t imagine not being able to bust my dorky dance moves because of being afraid I would fall over.


How She Felt In Her Galia Lahav Gown
Elegant, Special, Stylish


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I am also not the type of girl who wants to keep a dress in an attic until my hypothetical daughter gets married…that she might hate anyways…the fact that we even have pressure of thinking about what a person expects who doesn’t even exist yet is exactly why I want to sell my dress. I have the great guy, the great marriage, the pictures, the video…I just don’t see the point. In reality it’s a really nice piece of clothing you wear on your special day, not something that immortalizes your happiness…For how designer, custom, and extravagant the dress is, I’m actually pretty practical. Some have suggested keeping it and making baptism clothes out of it eventually, again, expectations for humans that don’t exist yet…also sounds like more work and another project added to my plate.


Dress: Galia Lahav | Photography – Clark Lubbs Photography | Ceremony Venue:  St. Agnes Church | Reception Venue: Whiteface Lodge | Event Planning: Andrea Petrucci, LoveHAUS Lifestyling | Floral Design:  Kate Russell, Mountain Greenery |Cake: Villa Italia |Hair & Makeup: Bloom Salon & Makeup Bar