Salina + Jonah | Hayley Paige Wedding from Aaron Almendral Photography

Industrial meets modern, welcome to Salina + Jonah’s love party! And yes, Salina explains, that is exactly how they referred to their wedding day for all 97 of their guests…a love party.  So sweet.  Salina is such a beautiful bride in her Hayley Paige, raw silk mermaid gown.  This dress is simple, yet elegant and the perfect nod to their modern decor.  Like the floating over-sized balloons…such a great focal point and an artful contrast to the exposed brick, wood beams and open light fixtures of their industrial loft venue.  Congrats to the happy couple and thanks for sharing your love party with us!

Salina + Jonah | August 3, 2013 | Brooklyn, New York | Dress Listing: Hayley Paige, HP6250

The Ceremony
Our ceremony was held at the Greenpoint Loft, Brooklyn, NY.  We met and fell in love in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – a place where industrial meets modern – we wanted a venue that had that same feel. We ended up in a chic industrial loft in neighboring Greenpoint. There, 97 of our closest family and friends gathered to partake in our love party (yes, that’s what we referred to our wedding as!)   My grandfather wrote and officiated our ceremony, and we each wrote our own vows making the day that much more special to us.

The Reception
Our reception was held in the same loft. The theme for our wedding was “birds of a feather flock together”, and feathers played a prominent role in our alter decor. The alter area quickly became a backdrop for the head table, and the area where our guests were seated during the ceremony was turned into a dance floor. With five tables flanking the dance floor it made it easy for people to nosh and dance. Our flowers we’re simple orange and bright pink flower stems dropped into vintage blue-glass bottles that I had found thrifting in Ohio. The cake table decorations, tablecloths and table numbers we’re all made by my sister-in-law and myself over the course of the summer.

Salina’s Dress Search
I knew from the very beginning what I didn’t want: big and poofy. But as for what I DID want, well that was a whole other story. I tried on nearly 70 dresses the first time I went out shopping with my Mom! From that experience I learned that trumpet and mermaid worked best for my body and I loved lace. In the end, the dress that I purchased didn’t have lace but was a beautiful raw silk, and simple.

How Salina Felt in Wedding Dress
Beautiful, Elegant and Graceful.

Why Salina Decided to Sell Her Wedding Dress
To say that I loved my dress was an understatement. After the wedding it just made me sad to think about that beautiful dress being stored in a box. When my Mom told me about I thought it would be nice to sell the dress and let someone else feel beautiful in the dress. It was too pretty to sit in an attic, and living in NYC I just didn’t have the storage to keep the dress. Finally, my husband and I looked at the money we could get for the dress as a good way to invest in something else beautiful, for us it was art.

Hayley Paige |

Wedding Dress: Hayley Paige, HP6250 | Photography: Aaron Almendral |Ceremony + Reception Venue: The Greenpoint Loft | Floral Design: By the bride’s sister-in-law | Sweets: Today’s Featured Bride | Cookies: Erin Merhar | Pies: Chris Wolff | Cake: Babycakes Bakery NYC | Additional Cake + Cupcakes: Magnolia Bakery NYC

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