Saja Wedding Dresses II

Blackberry Jam Saja Wedding Dress1

In case you missed it yesterday, this week we are featuring the easy breezy wedding dresses from NY designer, Saja. If only you could see the way they move! They are so sweet and so affordable–nothing over $1200! Check them out in our new little boutique!

Blackberry Jam

Blackberry Jam Saja Wedding Dress1

Atalanta Text

Saja Wedding Dress Atalanta

Saja Wedding Dress Collecting Starlight1Saja Wedding Dress Collecting Starlight2

Entwined Text

Saja Wedding Dress Entwined1

Saja Wedding Dress Entwined2

Saja Wedding Dress Entwined3

Photography by Jose Villa / Wedding Dresses by Saja / Hair and makeup by Mar of TEAM Hair & Makeup