Romantic Wedding Photos in a Classic Setting

Finding the perfect venue for your wedding, and the perfect spot for your wedding photos, can be a challenging task. If you happen to live in Moscow, count yourself lucky – Arkhangelskoye is this incredible historical estate that we’re thrilled to share more of today. But if you’re not in Moscow, we’re sure that there are some amazing locations in your area – sometimes, it’s just a matter of seeking them out and deciding how to blending a classic, heritage venue with current, romantic wedding styling trends. We love the way that this bride’s simple, flowing gown and delicate gold hairpiece feel as though they could have been plucked off a runway or found in the pages of a romance novel set in the 18th century.

Read on for more from the photographer:
“This photo shoot was inspired by the historical estate Arkhangelskoye located in the suburb of Moscow. The estate is built in a neoclassical style, with the palace facing the river and a terraced park decorated with many statues and busts of ancient gods, heroes, and philosophers. Our main goal was to create something modern and at the same time something that perfectly blends into the atmosphere of the old manor. When it came to choosing the color palette of our shoot, we decided to use the creamy-yellow of the walls in the main palace and to supplement it with shades of dusty pink and ivory. Peonies and garden roses were our instant choice as they convey the spirit of the classical regular garden and look natural in the environment of the historical estate.”

Photography: Malvina Frolova | Floral Design: Sweet William | Makeup: Zhenya Bazhenova | Hair Accessories: Olga Delice | Wedding Gown: Vesssna | Suit: Patrik Man | Bow Tie: Dishoo | Vintage Plates: Vechny Kollektsioner | Silk Ribbon: Fern’s Fairytale | Calligraphy: Victoria Chernaya