Real Wedding | Stephanie & Roderick

I love the organic and rustic vibe of this wedding.  And to know that the bride and her family created so much of it themselves makes it that much more lovely.

Stephanie & Roderick | May 16, 2010 |  Heits Point

How he proposed
I would call my husband is a romantic and funny guy, when he proposed, he took me on a 2 mile walk (through the snow) to a bridge at a place called Wilderness Park. Once we were there he gave me two small gifts, prior to letting me have them, there were conditions I had to complete what he asked me to do and then I could have the surprise. The first two were easy I gave him a kiss for each gift, a finger puppet monster, and a wind up monkey with cymbals, (I really like silly little toys). He then proceeded to ask me if I felt strong, when I replied, “I don’t know.” He said ok I want you to do four push-up’s with me (One for each year that we had been dating.) He then asked me again, “Do you feel strong, because I am about to ask you the heaviest question I have ever asked you.” He then gave me a beautiful speech on bended knee while I cried and forgot every word he said, and before I told him yes I asked if he had talked to my parents. This was the best part! He told me that he had driven 5 hours the night before to my house to ask for my hand from my family, and then turned around and drove back to take me on our 8am engagement trip 🙂 Of course at this point I agreed to marry the man of my dreams and got a beautiful ring too!

The ceremony
The wedding was at a church camp over looking the lake. We were unable to have the wedding outdoors at the camp because it rained the morning of the wedding. Our wedding was very green and DIY, we had cotton bolls for the guys boutonnieres and tulips for the ladies, I carried wild flowers mixed in with peonies. We ended up moving the ceremony in the reception hall, and it turned out really great ! We shifted the tables to either side and had the aisle down the middle with a few rows of chairs for family. The arbour at the end was decorated with burlap and cotton and the whole back wall was windows overlooking the lake. The wedding party walked to Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Israel Kamakawiwo’ole), and my dad walked me down to Banana Pancakes by (Jack Johnson). The pastor gave a welcome and sermonette, then had a sand ceremony, while my sister and a friend sang Lucky by (Jason Mraz Feat. Colbie Caillat). We wrote our own vows as well as having the pastor mix in some traditional wedding vows while we exchanged rings. Our recessional was Back to Us by (Kina Grannis). Our wedding party consisted of five on each side, friends as well as his two brothers, my brother and two sisters, our youngest nephew (Bible Boy), oldest nephew (ring bearer), and niece (the flower girl).

The reception
The reception decorations consisted of lots of burlap, cotton bolls, wood slices, mason jars, and fun stick or flower centerpieces. The reception looked very rustic, green and creative, like us. We spent most of our time mingling with guest in between toasts, the garter and flower toss. Our cake topper had the cutest umbrella and rain boots. We played Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Kina Grannis, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews Band, and Jason Mraz throughout the reception and it was all really laid back with a lot of visiting and eating.

The moments Stephanie will never forget

When one of the Ushers split his pants going for the garter, two bridesmaids playing tug o war with the bouquet, and a little girl telling me she wanted to wear my dress in her wedding.

Stephanie’s Wedding DIY Projects
My sister and I made the 48 tissue paper pompoms that were three different sizes/colors, that we hung through out the reception. (We ordered the tissue paper in bulk from an internet site)
My dad cut up a tree into slices and we used these as decoration on the tables and under the centerpieces.
We brought lots of different glass vases, mason jars, an assortment of things were used as decorations with peonies on the tables.
The centerpiece vases and rock in our vases we got at an outlet store called Cargo Largo in Kansas city, and we used sticks (from our back yard) with cotton bolls glued to them.
We ordered the cotton bolls in bulk online (after googling them)
We decorated the kid tables with butcher paper, burlap, and crayons. (Very cheap from Michael’s)
I made the ring-bearer a nest out of wire intertwined with beads and had a purple cloth in the middle with the rings.
For the flower girl I got her an “Easter Sunday” dress at TJmaxx (great place!!) and then sewed up some flowers that matched my wedding colors for her dress and basket.
I designed my own wedding program with a trial I found online and then took them to Staples.
We got our Umbrella’s at Walmart
The Bridesmaid dress were onsale for $80 at Anthropologie we called a few stores and ordered them. (They were so helpful!)

What made her wedding dress “The One”
I am not sure of the exact number of dresses that I tried on, but I know that it was more than 30, I went to over seven bridal stores, went to a bridal show, researched thousands of new and used dresses online, and when I found the one it was online! I had tried on dresses by Watters but had never seen in person or tried on the wedding dress that I decided to buy, the “Austin” Watters gown, I just knew it was the one! I fell in love with my dress and it turned out perfect!

Her advice for other brides
Keep looking for “the dress” you will find it! Enjoy every last second of your wedding day and preparation, you wont remember the small imperfections as much as what is really important, you and the man you are marrying! It all happens so fast, so really enjoy it, I cant stress that enough. 🙂 And I would recommend writing vows or at least a little something to your fiance in the wedding it makes the wedding more personal, and intimate.

Stephanie’s Wedding Dress: Watters Austin