Real Wedding | Rebecca & Daniel

There are so many lovely aspects to this wedding.  The amazingly beautiful flowers.  The charming little touches like the handcrafted signs and the mantle candlesticks.  And the cute sweets table. But what I like most is how everything works so well together all contributing to the soft, romantic and personal feel of the wedding.

Rebecca & Daniel | November 28, 2009 | Santa Monica Historic Ballroom

How he proposed
Daniel proposed to me in New York City on top of the Empire State Building .  We both love the movie ‘Sleepless in Seattle ’ and watched ‘An affair to remember’ together. I knew we had a trip planned to New York in the future and thought that would be so wonderful to get engaged there.  It was wonderful, he totally through me off so I didn’t expect it.  We went to the very top and while we where looking out at the view, he pulled me to the center of the room, which is a small space, and knelt down on his knee and asked me to marry him.

The ceremony
Daniel and I got married in the upstairs hall of the building we had our whole wedding in.  It’s a beautiful room with large arch windows and beautiful wood floors. My husband’s groomsman did the flowers for the wedding.  He is an amazing florist and did a wonderful job.  Our pastor married us under a beautiful archway with flowers and hanging lanterns.

The reception
The reception was downstairs in a beautiful ballroom.  A good dance floor was really important to me and this building has the most beautiful wood floors that people used to dance on in the 20’s.  I wanted elements of the wedding to symbolize us while created an affordable event.  We wanted to create an event focused on celebration, romance, and Dancing!  I’m an interior designer so I couldn’t help myself but put a lot of thought into the design and the lighting.  It was a wonderful night; we had Persian food which was delicious and cupcakes for dessert.  I danced a waltz with my dad and the Argentine Tango with Daniel which was so much fun.  Daniel is a musician and performed a song he wrote for me with his band, which is one of my favorite songs now.  I loved how everyone filled the dance floor and tore it up, it was such a fun night.

The moment Rebecca will never forget

One of my favorite moments was when Daniel and I danced the Tango.  We had so much fun and where so insynch.  We danced the best Argentine tango that night than we ever have before.  It seemed like a fitting picture of our new marriage of becoming one.

What made her wedding dress “The One”

I tried on about 10 dresses, and only went to two different stores.  When I tried on ‘the dress’ I loved it and thought it was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen.  I had a dilemma because my taste differed from very modern and sleek while my other choice was very elegant and romantic.  I had to choose what kind of wedding I wanted to have and that would help me choose the dress. I went with the romantic lacy dress and it was just right because the wedding was perfect and my dress was so gorgeous.

Her advice for other brides
Don’t be afraid to ask why?  Like…’why do I have to get napkins with our names on them for people to wipe their mouth with and throw it away? or ‘why do I need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on an event that will last one evening, that I’ll be paying off long after I’m married?, and for sure, ‘why am I going crazy trying to plan this one day when I should focus on planning a lifetime with my future husband?’  I think these are all good questions to asked oneself, and I know there are plenty more to ask when going through this process.  I hope that these questions are asked because it makes for a happier and saner future, at least for me it did.

Rebecca’s Wedding Dress: Melissa Sweet Sadie

Photography: Yolie Ramirez