Real Wedding | Parimah & Daniel

I really look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays because even though I look at weddings everyday, I never get tired of them. It is something about the palpable happiness and excitement of the bride and groom that just makes me smile.  And Parimah and Daniel’s wedding made me smile right from the sweet proposal story onward. Enjoy!

Parimah & Daniel|June 27, 2009 | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

How he proposed
Dan and I met during our third week of law school, in Pittsburgh.  I lived in a tiny studio apartment throughout law school, and we shared our first kiss outside of my apartment.  After law school I moved to New York City, but Dan stayed behind in Pittsburgh.  One weekend when I went back to Pittsburgh to visit Dan, he suggested that we take a walk in town near the law school.  When we walked past my old apartment, he proposed in the very spot where we shared our first kiss, 5 years earlier.

The ceremony
Dan is Catholic and I am Persian, so we had two wedding ceremonies.  The Catholic ceremony was at the chapel on our law school university’s campus, where we met.

The Persian ceremony was outside in the rotunda of the train station where we held our reception.

The moment Parimah will never forget
I would have to say that walking down the aisle was my favorite part.  I imagined it for years, and it fulfilled every expectation.

The reception
Our reception was held at Pittsburgh’s old train station.  The train station really inspired me – it is a beautiful, old, very charming building where people traveled to and from Pittsburgh in the 1800 and 1900s.  The idea of having our wedding at the train station was very romantic to me, and it served as a great inspiration for our vintage, romantic wedding theme.

The theme
Our theme was “vintage romantic.”  I basically incorporated vintage lace into every aspect of the wedding.  The centerpieces were collections of old vintage glassware.  The invitations were beautiful old-fashioned letterpress invitations.  The escort cards were luggage tags tied to antique skeleton keys that were nailed to a door.  We tried to incorporate the inspiration in every detail.

What made her wedding dress the “the one”
I tried on about 30 dresses.  They say that you know when you’ve found “the one” and I can honestly say that’s what happened.  I just fell in love from the moment that I put it on.  I originally wasn’t leaning towards lace at all, but my sister suggested that I try it on, and I just fell in love.  I also took it as a great sign that about 6 other brides at Kleinfeld asked to try the dress on after they saw me in it.  I think that it’s a beautiful dress that really shows itself off when it’s on your body and off of the hanger.

Her advice for other brides
Do treat your wedding day as one of the best and most important days of your life, but don’t spend your life savings on it! It’s one day and the most important part is being surrounded by family and friends.

Parimah’s Wedding Dress: Anne Barge 4149-NHY / Photography: Jamie Knox of Storybook Photography