Real Wedding | Melissa + Jesse

There was a magical feeling in the air at Melissa and Jesse’s New Year’s Eve wedding. The Nashville couple planned a wedding and reception to reflect their own personal style – and the result was a joyful celebration of love. Gorgeous gowns and accessories, a shimmery silver and gold color scheme and dramatic nighttime lighting set the tone for a festive atmosphere. As the clock struck midnight, confetti and fireworks flew overhead, and all Melissa’s dreams came true as she and Jesse began a New Year – and their new life together!

Melissa and Jesse | New Years Eve, 2010 | Nashville, Tennessee

The ceremony

Jesse and I wanted our ceremony to be reverent and worshipful at the same time that it was magical and entertaining.  We did things our way, and as the flower girl entered the room, it was filled with the Sleeping Beauty theme song that catered perfectly to a grand dramatic entrance as I danced up the aisle with my dad, smiling, laughing, blowing kisses to the crowd and waving like a princess. Our dear friend, who is also a minister, did the most beautiful vows and ceremony I’d ever seen. So many people say your wedding goes by in a blur, but honestly, I’d have to say I took in every moment and felt like I truly experienced it.

The reception

As I said earlier, we are very fun, energetic, outgoing people who LOVE to dance. So we wanted the reception to be no less than a party, I mean, it’s New Year’s Eve after all! Everything was decked out in Gold, Silver, and Copper – gorgeous metallic hues that only added to the magic of the evening. It was elegant, seasonal, and fun at any given moment.  At midnight we left to clouds of confetti and fireworks!

How Melissa felt in her wedding dress

Magical, Enchanting, Breathtaking

Why Melissa decided to sell her wedding dress

My dress is one of the most miraculous aspects of my wedding. There is no way we could have afforded it had an anonymous friend not stepped in and bought it, without even having met me. I have never felt so loved and I want nothing more than for someone else to feel the same way. The moment when you find out you can afford the dress of your dreams…well, there’s nothing quite like it.  And the way the night went, how I felt, what it looked like–I would LOVE for someone else to feel the same way.

Melissa’s dress: Stephen Yearick

Photography: Josh Reeder