Real Wedding | Kristi & Dominic

How many brides can say that it stormed so badly on their wedding day that they were a hour late to the wedding (even with the help of a police escort).  But the storm didn’t dampened the beautiful wedding.  And they say that water makes a knot even tighter….

Kristi & Dominic  |  December 12, 2009 New Orleans, Louisiana

How he proposed
We had just come from our alma mater’s rival basketball game. While everyone else partied, my husband and I decided to go walk and talk on the riverfront at Woldenberg Park in New Orleans. We usually go here to relax and have conversations. When we got there, he seemed quiet but I didn’t really suspect anything. It was almost midnight and the park was about to close when he lead me to this gazebo in the middle of the park. He started to tell me how much he loved me and cared for me. Now we had talked about marriage before, and I always said whomever I marry I want them to love me and want to be with me to the point that if they didn’t marry me, they wouldn’t get married. WELLLL…after his speech, he looked me in the eyes and told me that if I refused to marry him then he wouldn’t marry anyone else. When I looked down I saw that he was holding a ring box! He said “Im asking you to marry me” and I kept saying “Are you serious?! Are you serious?!” But of course I said Yes!

The moment Kristi will never forget
When we left the hotel suite to travel to the church in the limos, it was STORMING outside! The streets were flooded! We were an hour late to the wedding. Our police escorts had to stop all incoming traffic so we could travel the wrong way up one way streets! Luckily for us the hotel and the church had carports at the drop off points so no one got wet!!!

The ceremony
We were married at Greater Mount Calvary in Marrero, LA just outside of New Orleans, in front of 250 of our family and friends. My husband’s father is also our Pastor, so it was important to us that he perform the ceremony. We also wrote our own vows; my husband surprised me by memorizing his own! We used orchids in decorating the church, and in my bouquet because they were my grandmother’s favorite flower; that was our tribute to her.

The reception
Our reception was at the JW Marriott Grand Ballroom located in downtown New Orleans. New Orleans is home to both of us, and it was important for the city to be the backdrop to our celebration! We had an amazing time, dancing the night away. The food was delicious, the drinks were unlimited, and with all our family in friends in one room it was one of the best nights of my life! We also had a second line band, a new Orleans tradition.

What made her wedding dress “The One”
It was very important for my dress not be sparkly and traditional. I wanted a dress rich in fabric, and design.  I visited every wedding boutique in the city! I only found one dress that I was possibly interested in and compared it to every other dress I tried on. I traveled to Dallas with my maid of honor and a few bridesmaids to continue the search. At the last bridal boutique we visited, my MOH selected this Ulla-Maija dress to try on that blew the other dress out of the water! Before I bought it, I had the dress shipped to a shop in New Orleans, so my mother could see me try it on. She fell in love with it and that made it the one!

Her advice for other brides
Plan plan ahead down to the very last detail. But on that day, sit back and enjoy the moment! It passes so fast, but the memories will last forever!

Kristi’s Wedding Dress: Ulla-Maija Maxime / Photography: John-Michael Photography