Real Wedding | Jesse & Eric

It is often said that the style of wedding dress sets the tone for the the entire wedding. This wedding is a perfect example of that.  Jesse’s dress is as beautiful as it is comfortable.  And as simple as it is elegant.  Just like her wedding.

Jesse and Eric |  June 5, 2010  | Waveny House New Canaan, Connecticut

How he proposed
We purchased a house on the beach in February of last year, in May he proposed on our front stairs. It was perfect because we put so much effort and love into turning our house into our new home and having the memory of a proposal there is just awesome.

The ceremony

Eric’s uncle married us in a covered outdoor area overlooking the 350 acres of beautiful land that the Waveny House/Town of New Canaan owns. During part of the ceremony we each poured sand from our home town’s into a central vase symbolizing the uniting for our lives together (and also reminding us of the beach we live on), which I thought was fun.

The moment Jesse will never forget

Walking down the aisle with my dad to my husband to be, it became very real then!

The reception
This was a family event through and through, my father did all the decorating and flowers, my mother did all the organizing and meetings (since we live in RI and they live in CT). The once dark reception area came alive with sunflowers, calla lilies, and hydrangeas, clever lighting, tulle, and pictures of Eric and I jumping in various vacation spots we’ve visited (our favorite type of pictures to take).

Splurges and Savings:
We splurged on the location and the dress. We saved on the decorations and flowers (my dad), I made my own invitations, place cards, etc., we didn’t hire a wedding planner so we did all the organizing ourselves. We also had this amazing local band play, they gave us a great deal on music. My entire family helped set-up for my wedding. We also made our own photo booth, where we set up a camera behind a frame where people could use a remote to take pictures of themselves – people loved it and it cost us the price of the camera remote ($9) and a frame from a tag sale to do! (see attached picture). We also had a local ice cream shop supply our wedding desert – Eric and I met originally at an ice cream social in college so this was more fitting for us than cake (this also saved us money).

What made her wedding dress “The One”
I tried on maybe 20 dresses, I knew that mine was the one because it felt like pajamas but it made me feel like a goddess.

Her advice for other brides
Try to make your wedding day fun for everyone involved and attending – don’t let any one thing make you angry or upset because there’s nothing that could happen that will take away the magic of uniting 2 great people together forever!