Real Wedding | Elaine & Jay

I love the crisp, contemporary look of this wedding.  And I honestly would not have believed purple could be so great as a prominent wedding color.  But it really is.  With the mountains AND ocean as a ceremony backdrop, Elaine and Jay had a seriously stunning event.  Prepare to be inspired.

Elaine & Jay | August 7, 2009 |Brock House Restaurant, Vancouver BC Canada

How he proposed
Jay proposed at my favorite restaurant in a downtown hotel.  My maid of honor was in on it too as the dinner was suppose to be just me and her.  I had no clue. She went to the washroom and a few minutes later, Jay showed up and tapped me on the shoulder while he was holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers in one hand.  I was so surprised and startled that he actually didn’t formally propose.  I made him sit because I didn’t want to draw attention.  I was so nervous with everyone around that all I did was say “yes!”
Real Wedding | Elaine & JayThe ceremony
We had a 6pm ceremony on the lawns of the Brock House Restaurant.  The restaurant is situated on Jericho Beach in the Burrard Inlet just 10 minutes from Downtown Vancouver.  It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony on the green grass with views of mountains and beach.

Real Wedding | Elaine & Jay

The reception
Also held at the restaurant, outdoor under a tent with views of mountains and beach.  The restaurant is a heritage manor that is a senior society during the day and a restaurant in the evenings.
Real Wedding | Elaine & Jay
The theme
We wanted the wedding to be fun and not formal but with a contemporary feel.  The bridesmaids bought their dresses at a designer store.  I wanted them to be able to wear them again.  Also, the guys wore suits with matching ties instead of tuxedos.

Real Wedding | Elaine & Jay

The moment Elaine will never forget
Seeing how much fun everyone was having.  The photobooth photos we received from our vendor afterwards were “classic”.  It was fun to see elders acting silly.

What was it about your wedding dress that made the “the one”
I must have tried on at least 15 dresses.  I wore this dress the longest (I didn’t want to take it off!) and I knew it was the one because of how it made me feel.  When I wore it, I felt like having fun.  It also had a “wow” factor when I wore it versus the others.  My bridesmaids had some influence too.

Real Wedding | Elaine & JayHer advice for other brides
Try on as many dresses as you can.  Sometimes you’ll be surprised with the dress you end up choosing and how different it is from what you originally imagined.  Also, on your wedding day, enjoy and don’t sweat the small stuff.  The details don’t matter as much and everyone is there to share in your joy.

Real Wedding | Elaine & Jay
Real Wedding | Elaine & Jay

Photographer: Alana Couch Photography
Elaine’s Wedding Dress: Enzoani Aspen