Real Wedding | Doina + Adrian

I love a bride who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to make bold statement. Doina’s vibrant color scheme and striking decor created a stunning backdrop for her wedding celebration. In keeping with her fashion sense, Doina’s wedding gown is one of the most unique (and beautiful) I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for wedding inspiration that’s big and bold, you’re going to love today’s Real Wedding. Enjoy!

Doina + Adrian | July 3, 2010 | Bucharest, Romania

The ceremony

We are from Romania so the ceremony aligned with some Romanian wedding traditions, and with some of our more modern views on weddings.  In Romania, the groom doesn’t meet his bride in the church but comes to her house to pick her up and they both go together to the church. Adrian came to my house to pick me up and it’s there where he first saw me in my wedding dress. We were married in an Orthodox church in Bucharest. It is one of the oldest churches in the city in a secluded green area in the middle of the city but hidden from the eyes of the world by the tall buildings surrounding it.

The reception

We wanted the theme of the wedding to be something related to Italy, because the year before we decided to get married we had our best and longest vacation when we travelled through, and fell in love with, Italy. So we chose to go with Italian Fashion as a wedding theme. For the wedding decor we had different fashion illustrations as table numbers, the menu had also a fashion illustration of us and we used some fashion statuettes in different locations in the reception hall and on some of the tables. We also used a color scheme based on fuchsia, ivory and black.

The three words that best describe how Doina felt in her wedding dress

Modern, glamorous, admired.

Why Doina decided to sell her wedding dress

This is the most beautiful dress I saw during my search for a wedding dress last year. I don’t intend to get married again 🙂 and it would be a pity to keep it in my closet. I would have loved to have found an Atelier Aimee at almost half price like this one at the time I was searching.

Doina’s dress: Atelier Aimee / Photography: Marius Barbulescu