Real Wedding | Colie + Dan

Today’s Real Wedding draws inspiration from days gone by… Family and friends helped this lovely couple celebrate their special day by preparing food (look at the yummy cakes!), flowers, and Colie’s gorgeous brooch bouquet.  At the reception, another friend served as DJ, while guests danced the night away in the charming barn.  Colie’s stunning gown was a true classic, feeling traditional and fresh at the same time. It was a modern celebration that guests will remember as timeless…cheers to this lovely couple!

Colie + Dan | June 2, 2012 | New Hope, Pennsylvania

The ceremony

We wanted a homemade, intimate day…garden ceremony, full of smiles and love and fun!  For our unity “candle”, we launched a model rocket (we both work in the space industry) – everyone loved this surprise!  And my sister-in-law made an antique broach bouquet for me that fit the day beautifully.

The reception

We made table cards for each guest that contained clever clues – solve the clue, find your table name 🙂  Our family helped us bake various delicious cakes, and the groom’s mom meticulously cared for the beautiful peonies on the tables for weeks ahead of time.  Our sound engineer friend brought in a super-duper sound system and disco ball, which was prefect for after dinner dancing in the barn!

Colie’s dress search

First of all, I love lace.  Second, I love styles with an old-fashioned feel, but with a touch of modern/fun.  Elizabeth Fillmore gowns are drool-worthy.  This one in particular, I knew I liked, but didn’t know if I would find it when shopping.  At the last appointment, I saw the sleeve poke out from the dresses on the rack. I knew before I put it on, that this was it. 

The way Colie felt in her wedding dress

Warm, classic, special


Why she decided to sell her wedding dress

This gown is beautifully timeless… it should not live out its days in a box!  It should live on and make another happy bride feel like a million bucks.  It is a gown that is a little outside of today’s box (beautifully so in my opinion!), So for that reason, I assumed that it might take some time to find the right lady 🙂  

Colie’s wedding dress: Elizabeth Fillmore, Sandrine / Photography: Hannah Kurtz