Real Wedding | Ashley + Julien

Ashley + Julien’s wedding in France, will take your breath away… surrounded by architecture that dates back to the 10th century and a panoramic view of the Mediterranean, today’s featured wedding is dripping with timeless and eternal romance!  I LOVE the bride’s choice of gown, as Ashley puts it: “A sheath style dress…that would radiate the old-world mood of a classic Provence-style wedding.” Don’t miss Ashley’s lovely description of her special day and how she chose her dress – you will feel like you were there too!

Ashley + Julien | September 11, 2011 | St. Jeannet, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France

The Ceremony
The wedding ceremony was held in the mountainous town of Saint-Jeannet, about a 20-minute drive from Nice.
Saint Jeannet sits just below the Baou, (half-dome like rock) and has a panorama view of the Mediterranean. As you wind through the narrow streets and beautiful arch passages you will see the lovely Eglise St.-Jean Baptiste church that dates back to 1666. The Catholic Church ceremony featured a renowned French Opera singer and local organist and hosted over 60 guests.

The Reception
Following the ceremony, the guests were transported to L’Abbaye Hotel in La Colle Sur Loup.  The reception location was established in the 10th Century and was home to the Monastery of Our Lady.  The current day Abbey, renovated in 1997, features 15 guest rooms and a locally established restaurant. Cocktails and dinner were held in the open-air courtyard, which features an eclectic collection of art and sculptures from around the world. The dancing was held in the old chapel of the Abbey.

How Ashley Felt in Her Wedding Dress
I started my dress search a year prior to my wedding and visited the notable wedding boutiques of San Francisco. With champagne in hand, my twin sister, mother and then, my soon to be Mother-in-law they sat judging every gown I put on. Some drew tears, others head shakes and above all there wasn’t one that drew the “oooohs & ahhhs” a bride hopes for.  What I knew was I wanted a sheath style dress, likely with sleeves of some sort and one that would radiate the old-world mood of a classic Provence-style wedding.

On a rainy day in San Francisco, my sister and I decided to stop into a small boutique shop and try on a dress. The minute we pulled the dress from the rack, I had a feeling it was the one I was looking for. The dress represented everything about me. It was a beautiful humble gown that had the subtleties of timelessness...On September 11th, I stepped into my dress for real this time. In those moments I felt excited, overwhelmed by emotion and at ease with all of my decisions (dress-husband-wedding location, etc).

Why Ashley Decided to Sell Her Wedding Dress
I decided to sell my wedding dress because it would be a shame for it to sit in my closet, in hopes that my daughter might wear it one day. I feel part of the fun about a wedding is finding a dress that speaks to you and one you can call your own.  

Ashley’s Wedding Dress | Carmela Sutera
Photography | Sophie Boulet