Real Wedding | Andrea + Jared

There are so many things I love about this adorable Texas couple and their charming, yet offbeat wedding. They put their guests at ease with a relaxed, laid back reception complete with delicious Texas barbecue, a yummy DIY cookie & candy bar, and friends and family dancing the night away. Make sure to check out all the little touches that made this wedding unique & personal, like walking down the aisle to a Coldplay song performed on strings, having their four-legged friend at the reception, and (my personal favorite) playing rock, paper, scissors to see who would recite their vows first. Love it! What a cute photo op! And if you’re wondering about Andrea’s dress? It’s amazingly beautiful…worth every splurge penny!

Andrea + Jared  | August 7, 2010 | Victoria, Texas

How they met

I met Jared when he interviewed me for my job. Dating was definitely frowned upon, but the chemistry was so strong, we naturally gravitated towards each other. So several months after landing the job, I also landed a date with the cutest guy at work. We worked together for several months before anyone knew we were dating.

The ceremony

Simple and from the heart.  My best friend’s father, Robert, agreed to marry us.  We dedicated roses before the ceremony to those who could not be there with us, including my grandmother and his mother.  To save money, we didn’t print programs.  I walked out to Vitamin String Quartet playing Yellow from Coldplay. We wrote our own vows. The girls wore their own black dresses, matching purple shoes, and matching amethyst jewelry.  The guys wore matching black pinstripe suits, which also served as the groomsmen gift. Our recessional was Jump Around by House of Pain.

The moment from the wedding that she will never forget

The vow competition: We played rock, paper, scissors for who would have to say their vows first.  I won.

The reception

His splurge was to have a full meal for everyone, so in Texas tradition, we had BBQ.  We also had a candy table, which mom my and aunt made the cookies and suckers for. You can see that the pixy sticks had all the kids tongues purple. We had a bride’s cake and a groom’s cake, which we had to spend so much time explaining to everyone – it is a linear accelerator (we are both physicists that work with the cancer treatment machines).  My cake topper was supposed to be a Lichtenberg pattern, but it turned out to be too heavy!  A lace tablecloth that my parents received as a wedding gift was used on the head table.  I did do a bouquet toss, but I hate being singled out for being single, so mine went to the couple that had been married the longest, which ended up being his grandparents.  We danced all night long.

What did you splurge on and how did you save?

The dress and photography were my splurges.  We saved on the table decorations.  The hall wanted to rent us the linens for $12 a table, but I found paper ones for $3, flowers were from HEB (a local grocery store) and from an online flower store, and the vases were from a dollar store.

How many wedding dresses did you try on and what was it about your wedding dress that made the “the one”?

I tried on hundreds of dresses, and looked at hundreds more of used wedding dresses online.  I even tried on higher end dresses, but never felt that they were right.  My mom actually suggested that I try on this dress, and even though she was not thrilled about the price, we both loved how it looked and flowed.

What made you decide to sell your wedding dress?

There is no way I would have worn my mothers wedding dress, so I figure if I ever have a daughter as half as stubborn as I am, then I might as well make someone else happy! Plus, since Jared is starting graduate school, I am the breadwinner now, and I would like some extra cash!

Andrea’s Dress: Augusta Jones / Photography: Blanca Duran