Real Wedding | Alicia + Brian | Alvina Valenta Wedding from Taylor Swedberg

If you’ve been dreaming of a garden-party inspired wedding, you are going to absolutely fall in love with today’s Real Wedding. It’s so incredibly gorgeous, it’s hard to know where to begin! The flowers are over the top beautiful, and the creative shabby chic décor at the reception blew me away. But I think my favorite design elements are the stylish centerpieces at the reception. Fresh lemons and greenery – so simple, yet so elegant. What will be your favorite? Let us know!

Alicia + Brian | July 1, 2012 | Lairmont Manor in Bellingham, Washington

The ceremony

We were married by my cousin and my husband’s best friend. What was said in the ceremony was very important to me so I selected passages from some of my favorite books, including “The Mystery of Marriage” by Mike Mason.

The reception

Gosh, the whole day was beautiful, it was even sunny, which is rare in Bellingham! The reception was tented in the garden of the manor and there was a seating area to the side with beautiful white couches, candles and peonies everywhere all under the shade of a beautiful tree. The seating area was framed by these free-standing, salvaged, white framed windows-it looked like a gorgeous living room. There were candles and lanterns everywhere, and lemon branches with full, ripe lemons as the center pieces for the tables. There was a dessert bar with what seemed like 20 different desserts, my personal favorite was the macaron tower. All of the linens were made by Steven Moore, and he purchased the fabrics in New York, but they happened to be the same fabric as napkins I have from Anthropologie-it was a beautiful coincidence.

Alicia’s dress search

I started my dress search wanting a sheath silhouette, satin, lace and buttons all the way down the back. But that dress didn’t exist. So, after trying on every dress in San Diego and Bellingham, I found this Alvina Valenta at the very last boutique I went to. The dress was out of my budget, which is why I’m selling it, but it was well worth the price. I tried to find this dress on but I am 5’8 and the two that were for sale were for girls who are 4 inches shorter.

The way Alicia felt in her wedding dress

I felt like a bride, this was the only dress that made me feel like a bride and not just a prom queen. I also felt very romantic, and of course, I felt beautiful.

Why Alicia decided to sell her wedding dress

The dress was more than I wanted to pay for a gown, so I justified purchasing it with the idea that I would sell it later to some hopeful bride. I also believe that every girl should get the dress that makes her feel like a bride, and I know this dress will be that dress for another lucky bride!

Alicia’s wedding dress: Alvina Valenta, 9102

Photographer: Taylor Swedberg

Ceremony & Reception venue: Lairmont Manor, Bellingham Washington

Wedding/Floral designer: Steven Moore

Cake: Judy Tallant