Pressing On

A sampling of what I've done in the last week.

With 17 days to go until the wedding, I’m feeling absolutely frazzled. Not that I wasn’t feeling that way last week, right? 🙂 I keep telling myself to keep moving forward and to keep working hard, and that this will all be over the second we get into Jarrod’s jeep and drive away from the reception.

But it still feels like infinity days away. In the last week, I’ve gotten quite a bit done. I painted the cake toppers, created a program (which still needs final editing), bought the guys’ ties, began to decorate the bubble bottles, got a shower put on by Jarrod’s church, secured the song leader, bullied people into RSVPing, wrote thank-yous, and attended to countless other tiny-yet-incredibly-important things that came up. (You can see a bit of what I’ve done in the picture on the left. It’s been raining for the last week, but today it’s very nice, so I went out and enjoyed the sun. I tell myself that May is saving all the good weather up for June!)

I’m currently finishing up the table names. I was going to name the tables after different varieties of tea, but there really aren’t that many unique varieties, unless you get into different names for flavored teas and/or obscure Chinese varieties of black and green tea. I decided instead to use red flowers as the table names, and I’m actually really happy about how they’re turning out. Once I discovered my mom’s light box, things got waaaay easier.

There’s a bird outside my window right now, which reminds me that I haven’t been sleeping well recently. This stupid catbird–I’m pretty sure it’s the same I’m hearing now–decided to perch outside my window at 1:30 AM and sing it’s tiny little heart out. I had to move downstairs to the couch where at least it wasn’t so loud. I think my insomnia is due to a number of factors, actually. A lot of it has to do with the fact that my mind is racing with wedding-related things I know I’m going to forget to do if I fall asleep, and I’m sure that my increase in coffee intake–especially in the afternoon–really hasn’t helped things. Etcetera. I really want to know–has anyone else had trouble sleeping? Thankfully I’m not really having any wedding nightmares in the time I am asleep!

Hey, what do you think of the ties? Jarrod’s is the paisley, and the groomsmen are wearing the solid lavender. They were a super good deal at–I think only $15.00 each. They seem to be good quality to me, though I really don’t know what makes a tie good quality versus poor quality. I’m happy though. I did have a premonition of our children making fun of Dad’s wedding tie in about 15 years. Great. 🙂

So that’s that. I’ve got to get going now, because my list for today is quite massive, and includes packing for the trip to Colorado that I’m leaving on tomorrow at 9:00 in the morning. Yes, I’ll be gone for a crucial week in the middle of the hardest part of planning in order to watch Jarrod graduate. It’s okay though; it’s going to be a nice bit of a break that I need.

Until next week. I’ll try to stay sane!