Preparing for Your Vow Renewal Ceremony: For Men

vow renewal guy checklist


If you and your partner are preparing to renew your vows to one another, it’s important to take the time to carefully plan the ceremony. Whether you have a large, lavish recreation of your original wedding day or a very small, relaxed gathering of family and close friends is entirely a matter of personal choice. There’s no right or wrong way to conduct your vow renewal ceremony, as the love and commitment expressed by both parties is the most important thing about the event.

Choosing Your Outfit

You should pick your outfit in accordance with what your partner is wearing and the kind of ceremony you’re opting for. A suit isn’t always a requirement but if it’s the right choice for you, make sure that your ensemble looks as dapper as possible. You don’t want to renew your vows wearing an ill-fitting or shabby suit. If you’re going for a summer vow renewal ceremony, go for a lighter coloured suit, such as cream or grey, with a vintage-style cravat. A patterned, silk cravat is an incredibly stylish choice.

Selecting Your Groomsmen and Best Man

If your sons are old enough to participate in the vow renewal ceremony, involving them is a lovely idea. Most children won’t have attended the first wedding, or will be too young to remember it, so giving them a chance to be part of the vow renewal ceremony will make the day really special. Inviting your original Best Man back to reprise his role in the proceedings is a popular choice, but remember that you can ask any man who is a significant part of your life right now.

A Gift for Your Wife

Although the vow renewal ceremony itself is a present to both you and your wife, it might be nice to surprise her with something extra on the day of the ceremony. This can be something as simple as a card filled with declarations of your love, or it might be something more elaborate, like a collage of photographs of the two of you, taken from your years of marriage. If you wish to give something a little more concrete, why not present her with a necklace or a pair of earrings that can serve as a constant reminder of the renewal ceremony? However, your presence and continued commitment will be gift enough, so anything extra that you give will be a very pleasant surprise to your significant other.