Poppies and Posies

Looking for an event designer and florist to help you throw one amazing wedding? There are lots of options to chose from, but if you’re looking for that special creative touch, then you’ve got to check out the work from our fabulous sponsor, Poppies and Posies. The details they put together are stunning and their bridal bouquets are simply amazing. These girls just can’t do anything wrong in my book.

Poppies & Posies is owned and run by a couple of ladies, Sierra Yaun and Juliet Totten to be exact, in NYC.  These girls love to work on every kind of event imaginable but they are particularly fond of designing weddings!  Taking a couples personality, style, and vision and transforming it into something beautiful is the name of the game for them. Their forte is flowers, of course, and the bridal bouquet is always the star of the show where they are concerned.  That’s not to say that the rest of the wedding isn’t just as fabulous but a girl’s gotta have something really extradordinary for her special day.  They love to incorporate a few unexpected elements here and there, think artichokes, berries, or radishes to keep it fresh. Here are a few bouquets these ladies have designed along with some matching boutonnieres for some seriously stylish grooms.

Popies And Posies Events2







Popies And Posies Events3

Popies And Posies Events4


Popies And Posies Events1

Photography by Gulnara , Missy Photography , Trent Bailey Photography , Jim Altieri Photography (top to bottom).

To see more of Poppies and Posies beautiful work head check out their webpage and blog.