Pola + Igor | Berta Real Wedding From ein Photography

There is so much sparkle at this Brooklyn wedding!  We’re swooning over the black and gold color palette, the amazing bridal party attire and the breathtaking venue decor.  If you are looking for elegant inspiration, this wedding’s got it.

Pola + Igor | March 28, 2015 | Brooklyn, New York | ein Photography

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The Ceremony + Reception
A Jewish ceremony held in our hall followed by a fun evening filled with plenty of laughs, toasts and dance moves. Every element of the day had classic touches of gold and old school glamour.

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Pola’s Wedding Dress Search
I visited 3 NYC based wedding salons and tried on 26(!) dresses. I chose my dress because it truly represented me and I have long obsessed over Berta dresses. The delicate details were both soft and stunning, perfect for my petite frame (5’2). The dress was also light and a 2 piece – making it incredibly comfortable.


How She Felt In Her Wedding Gown
Beautiful, Comfortable, Classic

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
From the minute I first tried on my dress I knew it was the one – I’d never felt more beautiful. I would love to give another bride the same feeling.


Wedding Dress: Berta | Photography: ein photography | Venue: El Caribe Country Club Caterers | Floral Design: Julie’s Flowers | Invitations – Plume and Stone | Makeup Artist – Makeup by MJ Forte | Hair Styling – Senada Ceka